Barbara Scott Original Art
Abstract Art for Modern Spaces

About Barbara

Barbara Scott's art is sold internationally, featured in local shows and art fairs, in home stagings and in private collections. Barbara’s work enhances homes and offices and brings calm, peace and joy to our hectic world. Barbara paints intuitively and with mindful meditation. These moments of peaceful clarity lead the artist to draw connections between our natural environment and aspects of human spirituality through her artistic process of combining paint, texture and canvas. 

Barbara is a self-taught artist who listens for her inner voice and follows her intuition.

Barbara says: "I let the painting evolve and tell me what to do next. Each painting speaks to me with a message of wisdom. I am a spiritual person so I believe these are messages from a Higher Source. As I paint I set the intention of happiness and joy so that its ultimate owner will feel that too.” 

Barbara Scott was born in England and has lived in Victoria, on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada, for most of her life. With a degree in Psychology and her many years of experience as a successful real estate agent, she understands how beautiful surroundings not only soothe the soul, but also create an atmosphere of positive energy.

Barbara has been in thousands of homes and knows very well how essential an appealing decor is to selling a home. More importantly, because we live in such a hectic and often frantic world, coming home to beautiful, serene decor lets us find the calm and peace to re-energize and centre ourselves.

Barbara's abstracts are created to enhance your home. She offers a wide colour palate and a variety of abstract styles so you will find paintings to go with any room colour and decor.